Boxy Unboxing: “Life of the Party”

If you obsessively watch youtube makeup channels, you are familiar with the concept of “unboxing.”  Being a big fan myself, I thought I would share my unboxing of this month’s boxycharm.

Boxycharm is – in my opinion – THE best makeup subscription box out there.  I’ve tried sephora play, birchbox, and ipsy, but Boxycharm was the only one where I was consistently happy with what I got every month.  Additionally, the products in Boxycharm are FULL SIZE – unlike the other subscription boxes where you get maybe three or four applications out of something.  So even though it is more expensive ($20/month), I think it is worth it.  So without further ado, let’s unbox!



The first item is the Laura Lee Los Angeles: Party Animal Eyeshadow Palette.  The insert in the box exclaims, “Dare to be the life of the party with Laura Lee Los Angeles Party Animal Palette.  These six stunning shades create bold, colorful looks leaving you ready for a night of fun!”


This palette retails for $19.00 (i.e. the price of the entire box).  I’m a HUGE fan of Laura Lee’s youtube channel – she’s hilarious and very genuine. She just recently launched her brand – her first palette was called the Cat’s Pajamas.  But, this is the first time I have tried her products.


Another thing I love about Boxycharm is that this is not a palette that I would have bought myself.  It is pretty wild, and I tend to stick to neutrals.  So this forces me out of my comfort zone.

Next in the box was House of Lashing: Lashes.  I love House of Lashing eye-lashes.  They last through so many uses, and I never have a problem getting them on/off.


According to the insert, you can “Add length and dimension to your makeup look with your new favorite lashes. Cruelty-free, high quality and long lasting, these lashes provide up to 15 wears and will be the talk of every party!”  These retail from $9.00-$12.00.  So already, assuming these were the $9.00 lashes, you have spent $20 for $28 worth of products – with four products still to go.  It’s amazing.

Smashbox: Lipstick.


Okay.  So I am really not sure how I feel about this product.  Like I said above, I do need to get pushed outside of my comfort zone, but this may be a little too far outside for me.  The insert says, “Create bold, beautiful looks with your new Smashbox lip product. This pigment-loaded color glides on in just one swipe, getting you out the door and into the party quicker!”  This retails for $21.00-$24.00.

Wander: Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks


I have VERY – let me repeat, VERY – dry skin.  And VERY dark circles.  My real life job is a bit of a monster.  So I was very happy when I found these in my box.  The insert explains, “After a night of partying, [insert here for those of you with jobs like mine – “after a night of working”] who doesn’t love a good eye mask?  These gold foil under eye masks brighten, hydrate and reduce the appearance of dark circles.  The hyaluronic acid diminishes the appearance of wrinkles, while aloe leaf extract and lavender oil cool and soothe your under eye area.”  These retail for $13.00.

Bang Beauty: Chocolate Eyeliner


I was excited for this eyeliner because it isn’t black.  I have so many different types of black eyeliner, that I should be good for at least ten years.  And for those of you not yet ready to commit to colorful eyeliner, this is a good “test the waters” color.  It retails for $22, and the insert says, “Use it as an eyeliner, eyeshadow base, or even to touch-up your brows, this creamy, chocolate toned pomade is the ultimate triple threat.”

Finally, the last thing in the box – Adesse: Sweet Almond Cuticle Oil.


“Treat yourself, your nails and your cuticles after a night out.  This lightweight, non-greasy oil is formulated with vitamin E, shea, sweet almond and jojoba oils that are blended together to create a luxurious treatment that softens the cuticles, moisturizes and hydrates the nails.”  This retails for $18.00.


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