You’re Like, Really Pretty

After my fiancé, Bryan, and I got engaged, our first “to do” on our massive wedding to do list was to ask our friends to be in our wedding.  After being in several weddings myself, I know how expensive it can get so I’m making sure that we spoil our bridesmaids/groomsmen.  And, step one of spoiling was to request they be in our wedding with bribes of candles, cigar boxes, and whiskey stones, among other things.

The Groomsmen Boxes


For each groomsman, we ordered engraved cigar boxes with the groomsman’s last name, as well as the date of the wedding.  We opted not to engrave “groomsman” on the boxes so that the boxes would remain relevant and could be used beyond the year of the wedding.


If you couldn’t tell by now, our colors are burgundy and blush so we filled the boxes with burgundy and blush crinkle paper to add filler.

DSC_0067 (1)

Also inside the box were the “goodies.”  For the guys, we got them engraved cigar cutters and engraved whiskey stones.  Our thought was that they could take the cigar boxes, cutters, and whiskey stones on the bachelor party, and Bryan will provide the cigars and whiskey.


There’s a close up of the cigar cutter.


The whiskey stones are from this company that donates 15% of its sales to research on curing testicular cancer.

The Bridesmaid’s Boxes


We got these boxes off of Etsy, and they came with the most wonderful smelling, matching candles:


Also inside the girls’ boxes were tiny “day of” kits by pinch provisions.


Inside is everything you could ever need for anything that goes wrong on your wedding day from bandaids and Advil to extra wedding bands and earring backs- all inside a super cute mini bag.


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