Labor Day – Here I Come

This labor day, I am going to visit Bryan in upstate New York.  Packing will be pretty easy because Bryan is on night shifts for most of the weekend so we will just be lounging – and watching football.

Speaking of football,

DSC_0098 (1).jpg

I am packing this outfit for the game.  I LOVE this tank – it’s super soft and comfy.  I purchased it here. And it’s currently on sale for 15 bucks! (also note that I did size up for a more laid back look).

Bryan and I also have a long run on Sunday, so I’m bringing my running tights from lulu and my absolute FAVORITE running socks made by thorlo.  They are life-savers.  I got my first pair during Nordstrom’s anniversary sale a couple of years ago, and now they are the only socks I wear to run.  In fact, at one point Bryan forgot his socks when he came to visit so he borrowed a pair of mine, and he liked them so much that he stole them! And they now live in upstate New York with him.


Molly wanted to help me pack, so I promised her I would feature her in my blog for all her hard work:


Since lounging is the name of the game (and after these past two weeks – I really need a good lounging sess), I am bringing these babies with me:


For all those – like me – that need this weekend – enjoy your holiday!

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