Project Life – The Easy Way To Document Your Life.

So you took all those amazing photos on your trip.  Now what?

Previous me would just leave them on my phone and maybe look at them once or twice over the next couple of weeks… but then never think or look at them again.  But that was previous me; I have since found an answer to all your photograph woes.  Project Life.

One of my girlfriends introduced me to this quick, easy, and simple way to get all your photos into a format that you will actually look at from time to time.  The company that produces the supplies is called Project Life.

First, you order a binder:


Since I was printing pictures from Scotland, I chose a travel themed binder.

Once you get your binder, you need to get pages.  I usually start by ordering a multi-pack because I never know which types of pages I will want.


Next – and the part that makes this so easy – you order card inserts.  And the inserts have different themes such as travel, graduation, football, baseball, first day of school, holidays, etc.


I obviously chose the travel pack.

You will also need to print out and/or order your pictures.  If you have iPhotos, its super easy to order.  You just select your photos, create a “project,” and then choose the sizes you want and click order.  They usually come within a week.


And finally, you just insert your cards and pictures in any way you want – and you are finished – with a beautiful, well put together photo book to boot.






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