Who Runs The World?

With the marathon that Bryan and I are running coming up, I’ve been thinking a lot about running.  And being almost always on the go, I know what it’s like trying to find a nice place to run when you’re not at home.  So I thought I’d share some of our favorite places to run in the different cities that we frequent.

First off, I have to mention the place where Bryan and I started running together: Miami University.  It was here that we progressed from hungover college couch potatoes to semi-proficient joggers.


Another favorite running spot is Swan Creek Park, Toledo, Ohio.  The park has several different routes, mostly through forest.  And it has enough space for a long run that doesn’t consists of redundant laps.  However, there is a god-awful hill, so be forewarned.

In contrast, a course that we really enjoy, but is not ideal for long runs, is Lane road park in Upper Arlington.  The loop around the park is a little over a mile, making it ideal for short training runs, but trying to do a long run here requires a mind over matter head space.

Next, we love running along the river in Rochester, New York.  There is a great trail that runs from downtown Rochester to the University.  Most of it is under trees – providing a good amount of sun cover, but it can get stuffy and a little overbearing when it is humid outside.


Moving south to Washington D.C., the best place to run is down by the monuments.  If you try to run around the mall, you will end up spending more time trying to bypass a group of students or a massive tour group.  Running near the Potomac gives you a great view, while avoiding the major crowds.


However, another route that I love that is slightly outside the main part of the city is in the Northwest Van Ness area.  I usually start at the famous bookstore – Politics and Prose – and run down Connecticut Ave NW to (and if it’s not too busy) through the National Zoo (the Zoo is free).  You can get a good six miles down and back via this route.

Another great route is in West Glacier National Park, Montana. But be sure to bring Bear Spray.  Or if you forget – like we did – blast daft punk on your cell (they’ve been trained to stay away from human voices).


If you’re traveling abroad, one of my favorite parks is Regent’s Park in London.  Its beautiful and avoids most tourists, giving you a great run without too many interruptions.


Psycle London is also a great option for getting your workout in while overseas.

Finally, my last favorite place to run is known as the “Ladies Walk.” This path runs along side the River Ness in Inverness, Scotland, and it is quite a sight and very peaceful to boot.