Packing Revisited – What Worked and What Didn’t

What Worked:


I fell in love with this purse organizer during my trip. Usually during flights, I am constantly digging in my bag for a book, or cord, or glasses, but this trip – not so.  This little guy saved me from the frustration and stress of finding things while on the go.  I’m sure everyone can agree with me that the less stress during travel, the better.

I am so happy I bought this North Face Raincoat for the trip.  I sized up just in case I wanted to wear something bulky underneath, and I am so glad that I did.  During our hike up to the Old Man of Store, it starting pouring, but I was able to stash my camera under my rain jacket, which kept me and my camera totally dry.

My hiking boots were also a great success.  Despite the downpour, my feet stayed dry and warm. (My friend, who was wearing Sperry rain boots, was not as lucky).

What Did Not Work:

I was not so successful in my pants selection.  During our rainy hike, I wore jeans – a MAJOR failure.  When I was researching what to wear prior to going to Scotland, I found many people suggesting these types of pants, and I decided to go the cute route instead, disregarding their sound advice.  Well the cute route was not so cute after being soaked in the rain for an hour or so.  I suggest either biting the bullet and getting some rain-proof pants, or wear running tights – which I did on another downpour occasion and had a lot more luck.  I forgot that I was in Scotland, and the luck of the Irish did not apply.